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History Of Treeing Walker Coonhounds

  Great Producing Legend Nite Ch. Finley River Chief

The Treeing Walker is one of the greatest coonhound breeds created.  Finley River Chief and the Finley River strain and Chief was responsible for much of this. One of the reasons he is on the front page of this site.  You will find his name in the pedigree of many greats of the past and the present.  There are other great strains that also helped in the creation of this great breed, but in his day Finley River Chief was the gold standard of top reproducers.  His DNA still runs so strong through a lot of hounds of the day.  When you go back far enough you will see that the name Finley River Chief comes up a number of times in so many of the top hounds of the day.   This site is created with a love for the breed and the history of the breed.  

It wasn't created to just promote one strain.  It was created to share the history and stories of this great breed.  It was created to help people remember and hopefully bring a smile or two.  For those just getting started, hopefully it will provide some history of past happenings.  History is important.  Much has happened to get to where we are today.  It is important to remember that and to give that its proper due.   For those of us that have hunted for years looking at some of these pictures of the greats of the past brings back wonderful memories.

If you love coonhunting and the Treeing Walker breed please visit us often.  This site will continually be updated with pictures, history and stories.  If you may have a picture or information that should be on this site, please contact us and share with us your treasure of knowledge and history.

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